VMware Explore Europe 2022 – My top 3 sessions

With VMware Explore US in San Francisco in the books, the focus moves to VMware Explore Europe in Barcelona in November (7 – 10 November 2022).

In case you have not heard it in the past few months:

VMworld Is Now VMware Explore

Why has VMworld been transformed into VMware Explore?

VMware is a company that thrives on profound reinvention. With a hyper-focus on customer innovation, we’re defining a new market category—with apps and multi-cloud at the center of everything we do. This transformation communicates that we are a strategic leader in multi-cloud, shaping its future, from public to private to edge. To help effectively express that, we need to revolutionize the VMworld experience as the center of the multi-cloud universe—VMware Explore.

What’s new in content?

With a focus on solving the problems faced in this multi-workload, multi-cloud, and multi-workspace IT environment, VMware Explore will show you how to accelerate cloud transformation, build and operate a cloud native platform, secure and empower a hybrid workforce, connect and secure clouds and apps, and expand your horizons.

VMware Explore will remain familiar to previous attendees in many ways but will offer numerous new opportunities for discovery. There will also be more non-VMware-led content and speakers—fresh, distinct voices and points of view—gathered in one place like never before. You’ll hear from community leaders, executives, VMware customers, and VMware partners in keynotes, breakout sessions, small group sessions, gamified sessions, hands-on labs and more.

Source: VMware Explore – FAQs

You can choose from 360+ sessions to build your own schedule. The sessions cover tracks of:

  • Multi-Cloud
  • Cloud Native App Development
  • Cloud & Edge Infrastructure
  • Cloud Management
  • Kubernetes Operations
  • DevOps & DevSecOps
  • Hybrid Workforce
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Open Source
  • Vision & Innovation
  • People & Culture

When I looked through the content catalog, I found a few sessions which I believe are interesting and should be on your schedule:

General Session: The Multi-Cloud Universe: Bold Innovations and Insights to Accelerate Your Business [GEN2906EUR]

The general session with VMware’s CEO Raghu Raghuram and President Sumit Dhwan

Session Abstract:
Whether you’re a creator embarking on a new path of discovery or a decision-maker aiming for the outer reaches, your journey starts here. VMware Explore’s general session kicks off with senior executives and industry leaders who will shine a spotlight on this unique ecosystem’s role running the world’s critical infrastructure in a multi-cloud world. Outside perspectives and customer success stories will bring new focus to why multi-cloud matters more than ever for today’s digital businesses. Join us to learn how to build and operate a cloud native platform, accelerate cloud transformation, and empower the hybrid workforce.

Breakout Session: How VMware IT Optimized Carbon footprint in Datacenters utilizing vRealize Operations [NETB2242EUR]

Hear from VMware IT directly how VMware vRealize Operations (now known as VMware Aria Operations) helps to measure and track carbon footprint.

Session Abstract:
Everybody wants to Go-Green and reduce carbon footprint from a compute perspective. You can optimize only that which can be measured. This session will show how VMware IT leveraged VMware vRealize Operations sustainability focused dashboards to measure and track carbon footprint, thus giving the capabilities to optimize it. Independent of where the workloads are running- on-prem, multi or hybrid cloud, vRealize Operations provides integrations to extract the required utilization metrics and projects the Power consumption and CO2 emissions among other things. VMware IT has the ability to: view sustainability metrics across datacenters. optimize deployment strategies while keeping carbon footprint under control Improve or reduce power usage by identifying idle resources, directly translating to $$ savings Proactively prevent Idle VMs and unused VMs … and more will be demonstrated in a live demo of vRealize Operations.

Breakout Session: VMware Carbon Black Cloud in a real-world scenario: from a blackbox approach to a whitebox one in Incident Response [SECB1992EUR]

See in a live demo a real-world scenario in which a customer got compromised to better understand how threat intelligence and custom rules enhance VMware Carbon Black Cloud’s capabilities to detect cyber incidents.

Session Abstract:
We are all aware that the customer’s response time to a cyber incident is critical. Time is equal to money. Understanding exactly what is happening in a potentially chaotic scenario is critical to assisting the customer in making the right decisions. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technologies are more and more common, but how many of them truly provide visibility into the compromise being analyzed? How (and if) can these tools be customized to have the greatest detection capacity? The goal of this talk is to examine a real-world example of an occurred security incident to demonstrate how to use proprietary Threat Intelligence and custom correlation rules to enhance VMware Carbon Black Cloud’s detection capabilities. The entire presentation will be conducted using a live demo of a real-world scenario where a backdoor has been implanted and a customer has been compromised.

And – if you are a TAM customer: Make sure when you register for VMware Explore in Barcelona, you check the TAM customer box and add the email address of your Technical Account Manager.

Pointing this out, as you get the chance to attend a few sessions which are exclusive to TAM and S360 customers only!

If you have questions regarding VMware Explore, reach out to your TAM and they will be happy to guide you and recommend sessions which fit for you.

Have a good trip to Barcelona!

Map Your Multi-Cloud Journey at VMware Explore in Barcelona!


I am an entrepreneurial and innovative technical; presales; and customer success professional equipped with a Master’s in Business Administration. I am working as a Technical Account Manager at VMware Inc., Zweigniederlassung Deutschland. My early career with Novell involved a promotion to Presales Systems Engineer after having worked on a team of 4 anti-piracy, licensing and intellectual property specialists situated in legal.

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