vExpert 2022 – I am in

On 16 February 2022, the vExpert 2022 announcement was published.

My Twitter timeline kind of exploded Wednesday night with all the vExpert sharing that they made it back into the community or have joined the community for the first time and also on LinkedIn – my timeline was full of proud vExpert announcements :-).

I am happy to announce that I made vExpert 2022! I am now a second year vExpert!

Congratulations to all new and coming back vExperts!

The vExpert community is growning – around the globe. I saw a tweet from a new vExpert, the very first one from Macedonia. Being the first one in your country is a great achievement and I hope you will enjoy the community of over 2.000 vExperts from A LOT of countries.

We are all here to help each other, to help each other grow our knowledge and experiences and to give a hand or two if a vExpert is reaching out to the community.

Next up for the vExpert 2022 community is the application for the subprograms. If I am not mistaken, the application for the subprograms – including vExpert Pro – will open about a week after the vExpert annoucement.

I am looking forward to what 2022 has in stock for the vExpert community and if we get the chance to me in person – somehow, somewhere – I hope to do some (social) networking.


I am an entrepreneurial and innovative technical; presales; and customer success professional equipped with a Master’s in Business Administration. I am working as a Technical Account Manager at VMware Inc., Zweigniederlassung Deutschland. My early career with Novell involved a promotion to Presales Systems Engineer after having worked on a team of 4 anti-piracy, licensing and intellectual property specialists situated in legal.