FitogramPro – Studio Management with a SaaS Solution

Are you running your own sports studio – like for yoga, pilates, fitness etc.? How much time do you spend on doing administrative work, like booking your customers into courses, cancelling their bookings and checking if their contract is still valid or how many credits a specific customer has left on his credit pass?

All this administrative work is necessary but also time consuming. It keeps you from spending more time on your courses, on getting your customers moving.

You might have a studio management software already in use, but you are maybe not fully satisfied with it. You are probably paying the software provider to use the software and you might even be charged for the payment methods you are using, and you are maybe even charged for the number of customer bookings per month.

If you have not heard about it, let me tell you that FitogramPro is a studio management software which you can use via your browser, recommended is the latest version of Google Chrome. The best thing about FitogramPro is that it is free! It’s free forever! More about FitogramPro: here.

You can use the entire of FitogramPro without any charges or monthly payments. FitogramPro covers event management, product management, customer management and it includes a small accounting section. The included widget also offers you online booking for your customers. You can either use the widget link or include the widget in your own web site.

If you have a problem or cannot find the way to do something, you have access to a great help center in various languages – German, English, French and Italian. But you can also contact the Customer Success Team via chat. The team will help you to get things done.

In case you do want more support, like support by phone and not only in writing, you need to upgrade your free subscription to at least the PRIORITY package. The package can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Do you want to offer your customers something special, something your competitors do not have – go for the branded studio app. This upgrade package runs at least 12 months and is charged monthly.

You can decide if you want to have it as a so-called web app or as an app being available for download for free from the Apple App Store or the Google PlayStore. The Customer Success Team will provide you with everything you need to know and what Fitogram needs from you for the branded app.

To get started, you can simply register here – for free.

About Fitogram:
Fitogram is a software start-up, based in Cologne/Germany. Their motivation behind being a freemium studio management software is to get the millions of people moving.

The new freedom of studio management
Free. Forever.



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