Do you spend time travelling from A to B and want to make the most out of the time? I can recommend listening to podcasts. Even when you are driving, you can listen to podcasts.

What are podcasts?

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download to listen. Alternatively, the word “podcast” may refer to the individual component of such a series or to an individual media file.

Source: Wikipedia



noun [ C ] UK /ˈpɒd.kɑːst/ US /ˈpɑːd.kæst/

Source: Cambridge Dictionary

There are a lot of podcasts available – covering almost every topic of interest.

I am currently subscribed to two IT related podcasts and maybe they are something for you, too.

The podcasts are:

  • Virtually Speaking

    The Virtually Speaking Podcast is a weekly technical podcast dedicated to discussing VMware topics related to storage and availability. Each week Pete Flecha and John Nicholson bring in various subject matter experts from VMware and within the industry to discuss their respective areas of expertise.

    You can listen to it on

    • Apple Podcast
    • Google Podcast
    • Spotify

    With Virtually Speaking you can deep dive into VMware topics. The invited guests are known for their expertise.

  • Ladybug Podcast
    Listen to Kelly Vaughn, Ali Spittel, Emma Wedekind, & Lindsey Kopacz debug the tech industry.

    You can listen to it on

    • Apple Podcast
    • Google Podcast
    • Spotify
    • Stitcher


    Kelly, Ali, Emma, and Lindsey give an insight in how they started, what they are doing today and what happened along the way to where they are today.

Listening to IT related podcasts is more fun than some might think. It’s not the always the topic which is interesting, but how the speakers interact and which details you can learn for yourself by pocking up tips and tricks.


Do you have podcasts you recommend? Feel free to add them in the comments.


I am an entrepreneurial and innovative technical; presales; and customer success professional equipped with a Master’s in Business Administration. I am working as a Technical Account Manager at VMware Inc., Zweigniederlassung Deutschland. My early career with Novell involved a promotion to Presales Systems Engineer after having worked on a team of 4 anti-piracy, licensing and intellectual property specialists situated in legal.

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